Thursday, 22 November 2012

Are we nearly there yet?

Not blogged since May, gosh thats a long time, as I have just not felt well enough to sit at a computer and blurt out how I am feeling, I also wasnt sure people would want to hear how I am feeling, as I know I am getting fed up of it all now, so hence the title of this post as I feel its been the longest journey ever but I must nearly be there, fingers crossed.

So what's been happening since May, well two of my closest friends turned out not to be friends at all but con artists, so now I am having to file a claim with the small claims court to get my money back that I foolishly leant to them after listening to their sob stories about this and that, god will I ever learn?  Probably not! I also lost my beautiful Chino to an aggressive tumour on 18th June, I tried my hardest to control his pain but it was too much for him, it broke my heart as I only had the honour of having him for 1 year but we had a very special time together and I grew to love him as much as my other cats.

Chino Bambino RIP

Healthwise is not great, adrenal and kidney tumours are growing on each 6 month MRI scan, MRI of my head shows I have another 3 brain tumours, all very small and non cystic so thats not so bad.  I am rapidly losing my patience with Professor Grossman as everytime I go he says they have forgotten to test my thyroid and that I am pre-menopausal and that is why I am so ill, sorry but thats all poppy cock as I know its the Pheocrytoma (adrenal tumour)!  However, my VHL team referred me to the urology department to discuss the 2 tumours on my left kidney and I met Mr Sullivan, lovely man who knew about my mum's case and has agreed that I need those tumours removed now and has been in contact with Mr Mihai (adrenal surgeon), who has also agreed I need an operation and as they are all left side they are going to do the two operations in one go, I am now waiting for Professor Grossman to confirm that I have been blocked sufficiently for this to be booked in, they are anticipating this will happen before xmas..........I'm not celebrating until I actually get the date of surgery, as last year Professor Grossman put a halt to any surgery.  I am due to see him 28th November, so next Wednesday, please all keep everything crossed.

Even though the last few months have been filled with sadness and uncertaintanty, we have had a new arrival to add to the feline family, her name is Lilith and she came from a very dear friend of mine, Sammii Patching.  I met Sammii as she was distraught that her beautiful ragdoll cat called Lola went missing in November last year, I helped her leaflet some of the village in an attempt to find her.  Lola left behind a litter of kittens, Sammii kept a female and called her Misty, well Misty had her own family and I fell in love with the naughtiest one of the litter.  I waited with so much excitement until she was old enough to leave her mum and now she is well and truly established with all of my other cats, she is completely bonkers and has me in stitches of laughter, even on my worst days.  I named her Lilith, those fellow Trueblood fans out there will know why if you watch Season 7, her name does become Lily Bills sometimes which is even more apt for the last episode of Season 7!  


I have also added a picture of Merlin as I cannot remember if I have mentioned him in any of my previous posts, I rescued him from a rehoming page on facebook as I learnt that he was deaf.  He came to us shortly before we lost our beloved Chino and settled in after a bit of hard work and patience but now he is great friends with Lilith and I quite often catch them sharing a moment snuggled up on the cat radiator bed which makes a change from her normally hanging off his tail or pouncing on his head!

I shall try and post more regularly to my blog until then I now have to try and keep my head together until next Wednesday when I meet with Professor Grossman again, I have a feeling its going to be a long week!

Shellie B x

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