Monday, 13 June 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roly Poly

So today I have been to the doctors because I am thoroughly fed up of taking a step forward but then stagger back 10, I am at my wits end and do not want to end up where I was this time last year.

I went with my list:
  1. Do not feel tablets are working, very irratible, mood very low and cannot see anything positive on the horizon
  2. Cannot exercise due to pain in my ankles, this pain wakes me up, can hardly put any weight on them in the morning when I get out of bed, feet go numb when exercising
  3. Shooting pain from my groin to the top of my foot, not all the time but when it comes on I double over in pain.
  4. Cannot lose weight and am finding it really depressing
Doctors answer "we can only deal with one of those things today, which one is it?"  So I opted for trying to shed the weight as that is preventing me from exercising, restricts me at my job when I am in London and need to walk around quite a bit etc, its also making me really depressed at how fat and gross I look, I struggle sleeping as cannot get comfortable.

Doctors answer "ok lets deal with your feet"  Apparently I am putting too much pressure/strain on my tendons, my feet are red hot and inflamed around that area, I am also not wearing the right footwear, I need to be wearing supportive trainers..............I am not allowed to wear trainers to work!

Outcome, I have come away with 4 prescriptions and am now £30 worse off:
  • Venlafaxine 75mg = 56 tablets
  • Solpadol 30/500mg = 100 tablets
  • Naproxen 500mg = 56 tablets
  • Temazepam 10mg = 14 tablets
All I can say "its a good job I am not suicidal", oh hold on I am and I told her that, maybe she has had enough of hearing me winging and touching my smelly feet lol

Not sure if this is a good idea but I am currently colouring my hair, if that goes wrong then the clippers I bought for the cats are coming out, just call me Miss Stoned Baldybonce!!!!!

Shellie B xxx

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  1. Hey Shellie,
    Sorry to hear your doctor was not as supportive as she could've been. Did she give you the sheet with 10 questions on it about how you feel? The depression one.
    The venlafaxine is at quite a strong dose so she is trying to manage that. The question is, do you feel the meds are helping you? If not, change them. Obviously weight can cause a lot of issues with depression, that also snowballs into your daily life.
    Maybe the gym is not for you at the moment as it's clearly too stressful on your little footsies. Add to this that you are not going so this will add to feelings of failure (which you are not) Maybe a re-think on what to do for exercise? Walking, sit ups, swimming? Basically something low stress on your body.
    It seems to me that these things are trying to add up on you again. This is, I suspect how you got into the situation last year.
    The positives I can see is that you went to the Dr to seek help, you are still working despite the Numpty at the office. You have lovely cats to snuggle you in bed and a lodger (slightly dodgy) but helping pay the bills.
    I think some subtle changes to the exercise, maybe diet and your goals will have you back on track. My therapist always told me to set attainable goals, no point setting huge tasks as you are just setting yourself up for a fall (I did this many times) remember you made me that task sheet? You might want to make one for you? Easier goals, like: Saturday- Find a park and walk round it twice. Evenings: Crochet for a while 10 sit ups and shower... That kind of thing.

    Not sure if this makes any sense, but it is helping me.
    Love you loads
    Your awesome friend


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