Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bed has arrived!!!!

Well as most of you know I have for the last couple of months been sleeping on an airbed which aggravated my back no end, so after much encouragement I treated myself to a new bed, only a cheap budget one as I have other things that need paying out too, well it arrived yesterday.

Here are some pictures of what my room looked like before so you can see how uncomfortable and horrible my bedroom looked, no wonder I never got a good nights sleep:


I think the "After" picture still looks messy and would love to get a dressing table or some shelving to make it look neater, the next pictures are a massive improvement and "fingers crossed" the curtain rail is up, woo hoo.  Spent all day yesterday trying to sort it out, the wall is miles to hard to drill into and the no more nails glue I had was useless, I invested in some stronger glue as the DIY store did not have any heavy duty masonry drill bits in stock, left it all to set over night and it all seems quite sturdy, lets just hope I dont get awoken in the night with a curtain rail on my head.


I am loving my new curtains, 1st time in 5 years this bedroom has had any curtains in it, they were only £7.44 instead of £24.89 from Argos and look so much better than online, they did not have the size I wanted in stock so I bought 2 pairs of the smaller ones, but 1 pair does fit so will take the others back today.  They are not lined but I have blinds in that window so it doesnt matter.  I have also put my "Heart" on the wall bought from CupcakeJoJo's folksy shop, goes so well with the colour scheme and I have also put up my "Trueblood" calender from Sophie, it finally feels like a bedroom now.

As mentioned as the beginning the bed was a "Budget" bed so I was not expecting anything grand but I was not expecting the castors to break just when the weight of the bed was put on them, I am still waiting for a response from the seller regarding this but am not hopeful, I have glued them and put tons of tape around them so hopefully another bodge fix job should do the trick.  The mattress is not very comfy but I may treat myself to a Memory Foam mattress topper which will be cheaper than buying a new mattress.

My first night in my new bed was not blissful, probably shock of being in a bed and not on the floor but I slept much better than I have in ages.  Right off to take packaging to the local tip, curtains back for a refund and maybe grap something nice for lunch.

Shellie B


  1. Well done Shellie. Great achievement. Glad you are feeling good about your new nest.
    Have a good day.

  2. Definitely get a Memory Foam mattress topper - it will transform a cheap mattress. I have one on my cheapo guest bed - what a difference. Guests remark on how comfy it is. Get the highest grade foam - most dense that you can. Plenty of online & ebay sellers.

  3. Really lovely! What a transformation.

  4. Lovely! Looks so much more homely now!

    The memory foam topper is a winner...I have one for my knobbly arthritisy pains and now I can't feel a thing!! Although couldn't tell you what density it is as it was a present!

    Jean-Mary x

  5. Ohhh your room looks so much more homely now! Loving Eric on the wall there ;) I'm going to get a memory foam topper for my bed soon, my mattress is AWFUL, all I can feel is springs! There's a double one in Dunelm Mill (i don't know if you have one near you) for £85 which is quite reasonable xxx


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