Thursday, 28 April 2011

A bit Sketchy

Never one for being content, I always like to set myself new challenges, the biggest one this year so far has been my job but thankfully that is all settling down now and I seem to be getting respect from all levels throughout the business.  I am known for finding bugs in the software, my boss thinks its great but the poor developers feel a bit upset that they are there, CEO is amazed none of them have been found before.  Those of you that know me I am like a dog with a bone and test the hell out of things to make sure they work before I give the go ahead for it to be used.  Even D is now asking for my help and we are quite often found sitting huddled round a PC working through problems together, we are even known to have a right laugh at work now, such a great place to work, how many offices can you play ineundo bingo involving the directors?????

Last year whilst I was not fit to work I challenged myself to learn cross-stitch and crochet, both I managed after a few tantrums and now I want to push myself even more so have started to learn how to sketch, my first picture is below.............and yes I am learning how to sketch cats lol

Not bad for 1st attempt, hopefully its obvious that its a cat!!!!  Feeling quite motivated I then sketched some more and tried different pencils to get a variety of shading effects

I even took my sketchpad into work and sat round the lake at lunchtime

Finally I tried to sketch from a photograph of Tiffany, I definately need much more practise but my aim is to be able to sketch from pictures and then to learn Water Colouring, I hope you will come back to see how I progress and hopefully improve

Shellie B

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  1. So pleased work has improved... everyone will have the odd bad day; if that happens to you, just remind yourself of the bug catcher!!
    Love your sketches, can't believe they are 'beginners'.
    Keep at, meow!


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