Thursday, 14 April 2011

Shaking of hands and crossing fingers

Well I put a brave face on today and went into work, got there about 7.30am as I was wide awake, my boss dropped in on his way to the station and thanked me for coming in, D walked in about 8.15am and ignored me so I made a point of saying hello to break the ice.

My boss had already informed me that the Managing Director was travelling from Wales to be in the office as no management would be in, what he didnt say was that he was coming to try and sort the situation out.  It was my turn first to say what I thought and believe me I did, then I went and got D so they could both have a chat, then I was called in.

MD had a little speech about how we need to work together etc etc, how we have to be prepared to listen to explanations, ask for help etc, this is all I have ever wanted then to my surprise D actually apologised to me and very sincerely, I think what happened last night made him realise how tough I was finding his behaviour, I also think his wife gave him bit of a talking to about it all.

So we all shook hands and today has been amazing, I have carried on as usual, have been watching how I have been asking or answering anything but D has been coming to me for help, we have been joking and laughing, he made me 2 cups of coffee.  What has made me so happy is that he has asked for my help 1st thing tomorrow as he does not know much about Excel and he is struggling to do something, as I normally get there just after 8am and so does D we are going to work together before 9am, this is a 1st for D on all levels.

So fingers crossed that this is the start of a new professional and respectful partnership, oh and to make my day even more perfect I received a holiday present from the most wonderful couple in the world, Mr Ian Lawrence and Mrs Karen Lawrence, friends that I truly value and hope to know for the rest of my life, isn't it just lovely and looks so much like my Abigail:
 Shellie B


  1. Yay!!!! I knew this couldn't be the end!!! Communication is a wonderful tool, as is listening! Brilliant for D to swallow his pride too!!!
    Well done you!!

  2. I'm so pleased you were able to get through that awful phase & stay in a job that clearly means so much to you. Well done for facing it head on & being open to your colleague's attempts to make the working relationship work....long may it last :)

  3. Result! I am so pleased for you.
    You have the right attitude/approach to this, so I'm sure it will continue well.
    Please tell us they didn't accept your resignation!!!
    Keep up the dialogue with your Manager (& MD when in town), maybe drop them a short email thanking them for the balanced way they dealt with the situation. Remind them of your commitment and desire to have a long career with the company.
    Now, to the selfish bit!!! Make sure D doesn't take advantage of the more positive working relationship (he'll be desperate to keep his job now the light's been turned on). Make sure credit is given where it's due as your successes continue.
    Sincere good luck,


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