Saturday, 25 December 2010

Xmas Day

My goodness I am so excited with the presents I have received this year that I have had to do a blog, its like all my wishes have come true, this is the best xmas ever, I was really good and waited until after my dinner to open all my gifts and I am just flabbergasted at the wonderful people I know, here is a picture of my fabulous booty:

So my first present I opened was a package from CupcakeJoJo, I had ordered one of her beautifully hand sewn Hearts, every year I also get a present for myself from my mum, so I thought that would be perfect, well when I opened the box there was also an Xmas Pudding Cupcake, I have wanted to buy one of Jo's cupcake's for ages but have not been able to afford one, they are so much better in real life than in the pictures!!!!  If you would like one of her wonderful creations you can find her shop here, she is also having a Sale so no time like the present to take a look.

My next present was from Ian and Karen Lawrence and its just perfect, I quite often look over the books in hobbycraft wishing I could afford to buy one on amigurumi and I was so surprised and excited to see an amigurumi book but not just any amigurumi book but the one I wanted, I was clapping and giggling when looking at all the little projects inside to make, so many great ideas for my folksy shop!!!!!

My next present was from Laura, my new housemate, a really gorgeous bar of chocolate, I will be eating that tonight whilst watching the soaps, nom nom nom.

My last 2 parcels were from Sophie, I opened the ones containing the soaps that I again ordered for myself as I dont have any family and wanted something to open xmas day, I was suprised to see lots of lovely samples inside too, they smell so lush and I havent even got them out the packaging, will be hard to resist eating them.  I have cake slices, snowflake, stars, a crown and a Gingerbread man, the detail is amazing on them and they all have different smells, I highly recommend everyone treating themselves to some of these luxury divine smelling soaps which can be bought from Sophie's folksy shop here.

The last presents I opened just knocked me for six, how well Sophie knows me and I was not expecting what was inside them at all, to be honest I thought it was going to be a cat calender but its SO much better, the Official TrueBlood calender and its amazing, also I have a keyring with a half naked Eric pictured on it, I have died and gone to heaven!!!!

So from not really looking forward to today I am like a little child all excited and pawing over my presents, I have them all displayed so I can keep on looking at them, so a HUGE thank you and mammoth HUGS to Ian, Karen, Jo and Sophie, I love you all so much and am so pleased to have you all as my new lovely friends I discovered through twitter this year, I hope you all got lots of exciting things and were spoilt like I have been, THANK  YOU

Shellie B

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  1. What a great selection of presents there. Isn't it amazing when virtual friends turn into to actual friends from Twitter etc.
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday x


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