Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas is nearly here

Gosh I have been so busy with my crochet that I have not had time to blog, lots has happened, some good, some not so good but with the help of my lovely Lynne and twitter friends I am remaining strong.

So first of all an update on my Folksy shop which you can find HERE, I have reached 24 sales and had lots of lovely feed back about my items which has really boosted my confidence, I was never really sure if my stuff was good enough to sell, especially as I have only been doing my crochet for just over a month, I am trying to do a variety of things to sell, below are few piccies of my some of my new items:
So healthwise has not been so good as last tablets have caused problems with my bladder so I have had to come off them and starting on new ones, have not been so down this time, I think maybe because I have had something to concentrate on, fingers crossed they will be ok as I really need to be able to get back to work, not that I want to but I have a house that does not pay for itself.  The anniversary of losing my mum has come and gone, I had a really lovely day and gave myself the afternoon off from doing my Crochet, I cooked a lovely roast dinner, lit a beautiful smelly candle and watched some great films on tv, snuggled up with the cats.  This time last year I was in and out of hospital and on drips etc to counteract my actions, who would have thought I would have come this far and be doing everything I am now, I think the time I have had at home has really helped me sort myself out, normally I am just stressing about working, getting money etc.

My xmas tree is up, is goes up on the 29th Nov every year, the anniversary of losing mum, as we put the tree up for her as we knew she would not be with us for Xmas day, surprisingly it still has all its decs on it even though Angel has tried to climb it a few times.  I have two presents under it, one from lovely Sophie and the other one from the wonderful Ian and Karen, friends I have met through twitter and who are now very dear to me.  I also, surprisingly, have got lots of xmas cards, considering I am not working I did not think I would get any, so that shows me what geniune lovely friends I have out there.  I even got one from my Dad, which was a shock and has left me feeling all confused and upset, I searched for him on facebook to send him a thank you message and was even more upset to see a picture of him with my sister and further down his wall she wrote "I will always being your little princess" or something to that effect, I just thought what a load of bullshit but again that upset me too, seems my family are coping really well without me as they are not having to face up to the problems that I have, oh well I have become stronger not having contact with them and must not let this pull me back down again, but I am angry as they deserted me when I was calling out for help.

On a positive note I the EDF Energy Trust granted my application and have paid off the arrears on my gas and electrity so I can start the New Year with a clean slate on my utilities at least, we also seem to have escaped the snow which has hit the country quite bad, we get a light dusting and lots of ice, hope we gets lots of xmas day, that would be lovely.  I am really looking forward to opening my pressies and watching Wizard of Oz, another tradition for my mum, wonder what everyone else has planned?

Shellie B x


  1. You are a strong girl Shellie. Merry Christmas x

  2. You really have been a huge journey this past year eh x. Things have been so hard but I get a sense of hope and positivity in your post despite masses of hurdles & upsets x. You should be really proud of yourself lovely x. Love & Hugs from me :) x x x


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