Saturday, 27 November 2010

Post is here and being a grumpy bum

Woke at 6am this morning, peaked outside but no snow so fell back to sleep, I was then woken by the posty knocking at my door at 9am, so raced downstairs as I knew it would be my package from Sophiessoap and I didnt want to miss the delivery, I did remember to grab my dressing gown before opening the door!!!

Even though I really really want to open the package I am going to wait until Christmas day, "why?" you all shout, well as I do not have any family and only a couple of close friends I do not get many presents so this is going to go under my christmas tree until xmas day as a surprise.  Yes I know I ordered them so I know what is inside but I asked Sophie to choose what colours and fragrances to do so it will be a surprise, also Sophie has put some samples inside as she sent me a lovely card with my order and mentioned what she has done..............she is so sweet and I met her all through Twitter, my online friends are such an inspiration to me and Sophie, especially, is great as she reads all my blogs, watches all my videos and was my first customer in my new Folksy shop.
As you probably all dont want to wait until Xmas day for me to open it and should really buy some of these lovely soaps for yourself or as gifts for Christmas you can find Sophies shop HERE and below are some of the xmas soaps available, I ordered the cute little Cake Slices, a bargain at £3.00 for 2.
Even though I had the excitement of receiving my lovely soaps today I am on second day of feeling a complete grumpy bum, struggled to do Crochet yesterday but I did manage to go out but then wish I had stayed at home especially when a nasty lady in Tesco caused a huge commotion just because she jumped the queue and I pointed it out to her, everyone stared at me and she made me out to be a complete nutter, I felt like leaving my shopping and just driving back home but I wanted to get something nice for Monday, what is happening Monday you all ask, well I will blog about that on Monday and just hope I manage to change the pattern of what normally happens.

I think my new meds need increasing as everything is grinding on me, I am so snappy, really impatient and feel like I want to scream and pull my hair out, must contact surgery next week and am cross that I did not do it last week but as usual I leave everything until its all critical.  I am really going to try and do some Crochet today as I have 3 Snowmen and 3 Penguin to send out and I dont want to let my customers down.
Shellie B

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  1. Hey Shellie,

    Life is certainly full of ups & downs isn't it x. Sending you supportive hugs x. I know Monday is going to be hard but you can do it my lovely, I promise you you can. I know exactly how you feel as it's 12 years since my Mum went into the arms of angels but you & I both know our Mum's would want nothing more than for us to live for them xxx. Let this year be a celebration that she walked the earth & filled you with such love for her that she smiles down on you and shouts you "go girl, keep on crocheting!!!! You've come through so much, focus on that as there's nothing you can't come through" You were there for me this week, I'm sending a virtual hug at the end of the week now I'm a bit stronger to do so :o)

    Take care x x x


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