Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Help I cant stop making videos...............

Now I am feeling a bit more confident with my Crochet and Sophie encouraged me, I decided to make some videos, my series is called "An Idiot Learning Crochet", which describes me to a tee!!!  I was only brave enough to show my face once, omg my teeth look awful and crooked, but hopefully as I get more confident my head might make some guest appearances, just hope I dont get an influx of requests to crochet a full face balaclava for my next project.

I put a lovely little video together today of my cat Tiggy who, unfortunately, I had to get rehomed, all the files were in MOV format and would not import into Windows Movie Maker so I had to find a programme to do that first, I am loving editing videos but the time flys by, anyway you can see the new video HERE and I have put music to it, tried to make the clips short but long enough to give it the awww, aaaah, hehehehe factor so hopefully it will get lots of viewings.

What else have I been upto, oh yeah, told estate agent I wanted to take the house of the market on Monday, so I have now had two viewings, I didn't hoover or anything as I dont want to sell it, is that bad??????????  Mood seems to be ok now I am back on the old prozac, benefits are still going through appeal, should hopefully receive a payment tomorrow, should have been Monday but they are saying I never sent my doctors note in in time, blah blah blah delay tactics blah blah blah.

Operation Fish Tank Occupy is not going to happen, the power cable got wet in the shed and has now stopped working, not sure if I can just get that part and how much it will cost, so I have a full tank with no fish in, I might just go and buy some carrots, make fish shapes out of them and dangle them in the water.

No plans for the rest of the day, counselling is postponed again until next week as she is on a course, I only have £2.14 in the bank so cant go shopping so I think I am just going to veg infront of the tv and do a bit more crochet or maybe cross stitch.

Shellie B

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