Sunday, 7 November 2010

Saw 3D and Andy Pandy

Well I had such a lovely day yesterday, got all my chores done nice and early, taught myself how to "tie off" properly for Crochet and then Andy Pandy arrived, armed with a Happy Meal, I think he was just after the toys really!!!!  Bounced lots of ideas off him as I had not seen anyone for 2 weeks so had a few things buzzing around my head, have decided to get some fish, if they die then I will sell the fish tank!!!!  We watched "The American" with a very scrawny George Clooney in it, what a load of poop, if you like watching trees, looking out of coffee shops, emotionless faces then this is a must for you!!!!.  Had fish and chips for dinner followed by jelly and ice cream, felt like I was at a party, then we headed out for the highlight of the night!!!!!

We went and watched Saw 3D, if you are brave enough watch the trailer HERE, dont worry you dont see any of the gory bits. All I can say is "what an excellent horror film", started off straight away with action and just kept on going.  Now, I am a hardended horror movie fan but this one had me cringing and turning away on quite a few occasions, it was great in 3D as body bits/slivers kept flying out of the screen at us and the ending, well what a great twist.  They say this is the last one but it has been left that maybe there could be another one????

On the way home I saw a woman being dragged across the road by her head so asked Andy Pandy to go round so we could check she was ok, by the time we got there she was sparko on the floor, the guy "Polish" said she was "pissed" and they needed to get to Daventry, she then started crying and rolling around the floor and as someone else turned up we drove off, felt a bit bad but they were drunk at the end of the day and she was breathing so we guessed it would be ok, checked the news this morning and all ok in Northampton.

Andy Pandy dropped me off home around 11pm and I was pooping myself walking down to my house, I held the front door key so tightly that if anyone had jumped out at me I would have stabbed them in the the eye with it, got in the house ok and all seemed ok, no funny little man peddling around on a tricycle so headed to bed armed with 3 cats.
Seems another lovely sunny day out there and I am looking forward to watching the Grand Prix this afternoon, still in shock about poor Jenson Button nearly being ambushed by gunmen, perhaps he will keep having flashbacks during the race and drive like a nutter and win.

Shellie B


  1. "no funny little man peddling around on a tricycle! haha that's a good sign!

  2. Films dont scare me but I was completely freaked out!!!!!

  3. I don't think Saw 3-D would be beneficial for my depression.

  4. HA the "funny little man peddling around on a tricycle" made me laugh! Those films freak me out big time, the jigsaw puppet thing is horrible. I rememeber watching the first one on my own and when it had finished I heard a load of police sirens and I wasl like "OH MY GOD THERE IS A REAL JIGSAW PERSON AND THE POLICE ARE AFTER HIM" Seriously, I was terrified.

    My friend went to see the latest one last week and said it was vile but the ending was shocking, a big twist? I think I'm going to watch the 5th one in broad day light so I don't get too scared!

    It's nice to see a more cherpy Shellie :) xxxx

  5. I hate clowns and that freaky little jigsaw puppet gives me the willies!!!!!!!

    Thank you Sophie, I am happy to be nearly back to my normal cherpy self xxx


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