Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Opening of my Folksy Store

Well its been a very very busy week for me, I decided to open my very own Folksy store after lots of encouragement from my friends, I could  not think what on earth to call it, I wanted something with "cat" in the title but could not think of anything and because I might not just do Crochet I did not want that in the title, so I came up with "Shellie's Crafty Corner".

I listed the hat and scarf I made and also a cute little reindeer, who has gone down very well and I have so far sold 9 of them, hence why I have been so busy.
I finally finished them all at the weekend but have been waiting since Wednesday for the packaging to arrive so I can send the little chaps out, well it finally arrived today so I have been busy packing them away, my table now feels very bare!!!
Just need to print the postage online to save time down the post office and then they will be on there way to their new homes.  I now have to think what else I can sell that will be as popular as they are, I have created this Snowman, he is quite big and not as cute but I will list him today and see how he does.
I cant explain the excitement I feel when I see that I have made a sale, I am like a little girl, all giggly and clapping, I just hope people are as excited when they recieve my creations.

Right I am off now to create more to go into my shop as it would be nice to have a variety, here is Angel modelling a hat that will go on the winter penguin I am going to do, bless her!!!!
Shellie B

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  1. High Five!!! I am so chuffed for you hun, looks like it's been keeping you very busy!! The pic of Angel with the little hat on in adorable!! xx


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