Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Few bad days

As expected I have had a few really bad days from coming off my meds, Sunday I started some kind of gastric thing and was so dizzy I could not watch tv, walk or do anything, so I laid in bed like a zombie, not moving.

I had my scheduled visit to the docs yesterday and am now on Flouxetine, chemical name for prozac, and as the doc now thinks I have 2 viral infections I am on some gross tablets that I have to let dissolve on my gum to help with the dizziness/nausea, I also have co-codamol for the pain and temazepam to help me sleep if needed.  With all this going on and the changing of my anti-depressants I am signed off for another 2 months, due to see doc in 4 weeks to see how things are going with new meds.

After the visit to the docs I decided to pop to the shops as I was out and get a nice thick slice loaf for some toast, as usual I cannot just get what I go in the shop for and ended up buying eggs, double decker 4 pack, blackcurrant jelly and beef supernoodles, odd shop I know but I thought I could do with some comfort food once I could eat again, the eggs are so that I can make some of my high bran muffins when I feel up to it as they are great and filling for snacks.

My crochet has taken a back seat as I cannot read to do the patterns, let alone concentrate, so poor Blue Bear just has his head at the moment, picture below.  My lovely friend, Wendy, has posted me a tapestry needle so that I can carry on with my cross stitch as mine did a runner and I posted a little package off to my lovely little online friend, Sophie, yesterday with an instructional DVD about Crochet as she had been struggling to learn this craft before and I found the DVD so easy to follow and also has a great reference chapter for a refresher on basic stitches.
Blue Bear taking shape
I have managed to wash up and hoover this morning, had some toast and a cup of tea, now have silly tablet on gum so I can pay online bills without feeling too sick when eyes are moving around looking at things, not sure what the rest of the day has in store but I know it will be very uneventful.

Shellie B


  1. I'd been wondering what you were up to my sweet as you hadn't blogged since Fri! I hope you feel better ASAP!! I've never heard of a tablet you have to let dissolve on your gums before! Fleuxetine was the first anti depressant I ever went on, many years ago at the grand old age of 9! How depressing is that! Anyway!

    I can't wait to receive the DVD in the post, I watched Kirsty's Homemade Home this evening and she was doing crochet! I'd love to have a go at making a bear like yours, maybe in the future once I've mastered the basic stitches I will!

    I will put together a little package for you as a way of saying thank you for being so kind to send me it :)

    Double Deckers are my fav chocolate bar!xxxxxx

  2. Do not worry about sending me anything please, its my pleasure to help you and send you the DVD as I have now finished with it and it will just gather dust. When I suffered from depression as a child the never gave out tablets as it was not really recognised as an illness, I think I was 12 or 13 when I first starting cutting myself xxx


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