Friday, 29 October 2010

Crochet - my first stitches

As my cross stitch is coming to end, well it would have been if I hadn't lost my needle!!!, I thought I should take up another hobby and maybe one that could earn me some money, so I decided on Crochet, I think I used to do it when I was a very young girl, so hey it cant be that hard can yes it can.
My "Tutorial how to Crochet DVD" arrived so I was all set, just one problem, all the instructions were for right handed people, I am left handed.  Oh well minor detail I thought and maybe I can learn right handed as I am ambidextrous, so below is a picture of my first nights attempt.
1st Attempt right handed at Single Crochet Ridges
I was getting in such a muddle that I thought I would try left handed, took a while for the old brain to mirror the DVD but I think I might have cracked it!!!!!
1st attempt left handed at Single Crochet Ridges
Long Single Crochet Bricks

Alterning Mesh (or mess as mine appears to be)

Well all there is left for me now is to try and actually make something, that will be the challenge as its very easy watching step by step on a DVD but to actually read a pattern and then do the stitches is going to be very difficult.  I have a couple of books from the library and I can always refer back to the stitches on the DVD if I get stuck or should I say when I get stuck. 
Finishing off my blog with the lovely Abigail modelling the Lacy swatch I made.

Shellie B


  1. Shellie I am SO impressed! When I done crochet I just done the basic stitch and tried to make a scarf.. but somehow each row got shorter and shorter .. Like the one in your "right handed" pic. Looks like you've managed to crack the old crochet-ing! The wool is really pretty too.. What do you think you'll make? Maybe a blanket? I love the pic of Abi posing with her little hat! CUTE xxx

  2. I shocked myself believe me but the DVD I bought from eBay is really easy to follow, if you fancy giving Crochet another go I could send you a copy??? Yes I think I will try a blanket, I would love to learn how to make the flowers, the patterns look so hard to follow but I must keep telling myself these things take time hehehehe xxx

  3. Ohhh could you make me a copy? That'd be fab!! I've tried to look at how to do it in books and stuff but I think a DVD would be much easier to follow! I'll send you some soaps in return, how does that sound?

    Try the blanket, these sort of things are all trial and error at first, you've picked it up really quickly I'm sure the blanket will turn out well!xxx


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