Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wind, Rain and very cold

The day I decide to head into town and its really windy and rainy out there, oh well my new £4 waterproof windbreaker from Ebay will be put to the test today!!!!  Had a good sleep until 4am, went back to sleep at 7am and woke at 10am, also have very bizarre dream about being bridesmaid to my sister who was having a very ott wedding, somehow I found Katie Price in a changing room/toilet so she came along for a picture with my sister who was having a hissy fit as I had not had my hair and make up done, after I got that done I then when into one as they would not trim my fluffy white beard, weird!!!!!  Do not eat peanut butter on toast before bed!!!

Well have started to reduce meds so that by Monday I can start new ones, fingers crossed these work so I can look at going back to work.  My plans today consist of returning books to the library and maybe finding anything about crochet and a good thriller to read, then will go to the pound shop, take books to the charity shop, go food shopping and get some wool and a crochet hook as I am going to learn how to crochet today, will post pictures when I work out how to do that on here.

Yesterday I scanned in pictures of Tiffany as a cute kitten, pictures of my mums doggies and our family home which I found in the loft, as I decided I should really start to go through things now, its has been 13 yrs since she passed away and everything just got packed away and put up in the loft out of out sight and mind but they cant stay up there forever.  I loved looking at the pictures and posted them on facebook but they also made me sad as I miss her so very much and our home, which was always my safe haven.

Right coffee is now drunk so I need to brave the elements and head into town, I wonder if I an get away with wearing my ear muffs whilst walking around town??

Happy TunaTuesday to you all as my cats would say,
Shellie B x

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  1. Hope you didn't get too wet! So know what you mean... my Mum died 12 years ago x


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