Monday, 25 October 2010

My first blog

As the title states this is my first ever blog, I have some friends on twitter who "blog" so I thought this might be a good idea as I do not seem to be able to write up my journal everyday, so just a bit of background as to what has been happening the last few months.  At the end of June my doctor decided my meds were not working properly so decided to change them, I have been on a roller coaster ride ever since and not been able to work as medically signed off by my doctor.  After weeks of telling my doc the meds I am on now are still not working she has agreed we need to change them, hoorah!!!!  I am each day trying to get some kind of structure back into my life as not working and being on benefits kind of restricts what you can do without costing anything, so each day I am going for a walk whilst listening to an audio book so I do not get too bored and I am also doing a lovely cat cross stitch, my first ever one.

The DWP have decided I am no longer entitled to my benefits even though I am signed off by my doctor so that is going to appeal and then I found out today my bank is charging me £15 for being 1p overdrawn for 3 days, I spent well over an hour crying my eyes out this morning and now I am just too exhausted to do anything, everytime I try to call out on my cordless phone it cuts out, the urge to launch this out the window at the moment is HUGE.  After 2 cups of coffee and wittering to poor KitschyDuck on Twitter I have now calmed down and for some bizarre reason got 3 boxes out of the loft to sort out, my loft is full of all my mums belonging from when we cleared our family home, 12 years I really want to be doing this..........NO but it needs to be done.

My 3 cats have vacated the house as they cant cope with their mum making an awful howling noise but they did leave me a lovely huge blackbird on the back doorstep!!!!  Well this is my first blog, am kind of excited but also apprehensive as not sure if I have blogged correctly???

Bye for now,
Shellie B xxx

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  1. Hi Shellie

    Welcome to Blogland!!

    (I'm lovehectorxxx on Twitter by the way :) )


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