Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Broken Brollies and Steamed up Glasses

I certainly picked the worse day to go out yesterday but my trusty bargain waterproof jacket from Ebay was lifesaver and stood up to the wind and rain but unfortunately my poor brollie didnt and could someone please please invent windscreen wipers for glasses or demisters as everytime I got in the car they would steam up and I could not see where I was going!!!!  Apart from all that I had a very eventful day starting off by dropping some books into a charity shop, they were very pleased with my offerings and I must admit I have not heard of them before,, then I headed to the Central Library which to be honest is a waste of time as they never have what I am looking for in there.  As I was in the town centre I headed to my bank and to my JOY they reimbursed the £15 charges I had incurred for being 1p overdrawn for 3 days, and so they should have.

I then headed to St James library which is a lot smaller but had lots more in there and I found some books on Crochet, they also said they would take in some of my old books, Central Library would not, so they are now my favourite and I will not be using the main one again!!!!  As I was in St James I popped into the new Tattoo parlour to get a quote on having 4 little paw prints on my wrist, was quite shocked when they said £40, does that sound right????  That will have to wait until I am working again, maybe I should just have 3 little paw prints as I have 3 cats?????

Finally I headed very wearily to Hobbycraft to get a crochet hook and some wool, then I staggered around Sainsburys, by this time my poor feet were so in so much pain that I could have quite easily sat in the trolly and asked someone to push me round the store.  Feeling very sorry for myself I thought some treats were in order so I got some crisps and a bag of lollies, oh and some Ovaltine, was very good and stuck to not allowing myself any cakes or chocolate as I have about 5 stone to lose.

By the time I got home it was nearly 5pm, I had been out all afternoon so no wonder my poor feet were so painful, I threw a pasta bake in the oven and hobbled to the bath, I was now walking around the house like I had pooped myself, not an attractive look, anyway I tried a bit of crochet but have decided the wool I have is more like elastic so will go and change that today, also I am left handed and my instructional DVD I got from Ebay is showing how to crochet with your right hand, so I am now trying to learn to do this right handed and you can imagine what a pickle I am getting into so I gave up and did some cross stitch for a while whilst watching a bit of TV, added a piccie below of my handy work so far.

Well I am pleased to say that after my eventful day yesterday I got a full 8hrs undisturbed sleep, I cant remember when I have last been able to do that, my good mood did not last too long once the post arrived as DWP are still looking at my appeal for Employment and Support Allowance even though I am signed off medically unfit for work by my docs, anyway I got my benefits yesterday so I am not going to let this worry me.

As the washing is finished I had better go and decide where to put that and then I have my lovely Cruse lady coming round, wonder if we will get round to coping with Bereavement today????

Have a safe day everyone,
Shellie B


  1. Goodness me you have had a very busy day!! Good for you :) Ohhh crochet hey, I started doing that a while ago and attempted to make a scarf went a bit wrong and I gave up. I think I will start again though! It's a lot easier than knitting I think! Looking forward to seeing pics of your crochet-ing!

    The cross stitch is looking fab!! It's such a nice feeling to look at what you've created isni't it? I've been doing a cupcake cross stitch recently but I've ran out of pink thread! The kit either didn't send me enough or I've made some sort of mistake... :(

    I loved reading your blog entries and look forward to many more!! xxxx

  2. I am glad you are enjoying them, my friend Lynne is too, I was worried that I waffled too much hehehehe

  3. Waffling is good!

    Oh and regards to the tattoo price, I think that sounds about right. Most places charge by the hour and that's usually £60 an hour. I imagine the little paws would take about half an hour, 45 mins so that price sounds reasonable! Tattoos aren't cheap are they.. I dread to think how much money I've spent on mine over the years :S


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