Saturday, 6 November 2010

Am getting "Crafty"

Found a lovely throw pattern to Crochet, surprised myself when I realised I can now blend colours and make a lovely little square, cant wait to finish it.  When I have some money I am going to do one in Red, Grey, Black and Cream/White colour as I have black leather sofa, red carpet and Purely Shell paint on the walls, chose that paint because of the name, yes am a saddo, firstly I am going to do one with the colours I randomly got a couple of weeks ago and try and sell it to fund more Crochet, luckily I think all the colours go rather well together.
As I was tired but excited I did a couple more squares but counted incorrectly and did not tie off properly so they cannot be used, but I love the "Popcorn" stitch and think throws made in a variety of colours should sell, I could offer to custom make them so people can choose there own colour preferences.

Did not really do much else yesterday, my memory is not allowing myself to recall what I got up to but I know I went to the Library, posted my Medical Certificate to Job Centre and had a good cry as they are still appealing my benefits, not sure when that will be resolved but hopefully I will be fit for work soon as I feel the new tablets are ok but its early days.  I am still taking my Dizzy/Nausea tablets which really help and means I can function.

Well the cats have still not released that the clocks when back and were prodding me at silly 'o' hour again, as I did not budge Abigail got under the covers and started making bread on my tummy with her sharp little pins, that worked and up I got so washing is done and out on the line, housework is done and now I am going to do some Crochet before Andy Pandy comes round.  We are off to the cinema tonight to see Saw (see saw hahahahahahaha, sorry lost it for a while) in 3D, I am so excited as I have not seen anyone for 2 weeks and I love seeing Andy as he listens to all my woes and supports me so much, I have made a blackcurrant Jelly, which keeps calling me from the fridge, and will make us fish and chips for tea, I do feel guilty though as he is again treating me to the cinema, will spoil him when I am working again, he has become such a great friend to me that I never realised was just there in the background waiting for me to ask for help, love him to bits, even though he does love his comics very much!!!!

Right am going to put Trueblood Season 3 on as Eric is soooooooooooooo hot in that season, whilst I do some more crochet,

Happy Caturday,
Shellie B


  1. Oh my goodness, that crochet looks SO complicated!! Is it as difficult as it looks? I think you could definitely sell some, I'd buy one! When you get on a roll and feel more confident doing it let me know and I'll order a blanket from you! xxx

  2. I am doing a blanket now in those colours, 72 squares it will be but if you are serious about wanting a blanket I can do it in any colours you like, that pattern above has 4 colours in it so I could do you one in shades of pink, will have to see how this one comes out. Crochet is so easy once you can work out how to read patterns, I am going to make some heart shaped decorated to hang from xmas trees with left over wool xxx


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