Thursday, 4 November 2010

Mr Blue Bear born 3rd November 2010 and room for rent

Well I have finally finished my first crochet project, Little Mr Blue Bear, it was a big learning curve as each limb or ear was done differently as I was sussing out what I should be doing but I dont think he has turned out too bad, this is what is he supposed to look like and also the PATTERN.   I am going to keep him as a momento and maybe make him some little clothes as I go along, I also want to get some red felt and make him a little heart, I am not sure about this bow but had to use what I could scavenge around the house, hmmmm now the decision on what to make next........
Mr Blue Bear  ~^..^~
I am not sure what I am going to make next but I think I should try something I can sell as I am struggling big time on my benefits and this extra money will help me buy more materials to keep on with my new hobby.  I have decided to make the 3rd little bedroom into a craft room, it does not have any electrical sockets (strange little house) but one of the sewing machines is powered from a light bulb fitting (even stranger little house).  I will need to find a really cheap table to set up in the room for the sewing machine, I have spare sets of drawers that I can use for supplies and I think I will paint and maybe stencil them to might it look more cosy and pretty.

Well I had the last of my sleeping pills last night so its now time to face reality and just give myself a right royal kick up the backside and get on with things, I laid in bed for a while this morning dwelling on things that were worrying me and things that should be said instead of bottling them up. I emailed my good friend, who saved my Abigail's life, today as I felt I needed to explain how I was feeling, I just hope it has not been taking offensively as that is not how it is meant but I just dont want to add to other peoples stress to which I am very conscious about perhaps doing this.  I have also put the master bedroom up for rent HERE so everyone please keep everything crossed as that would be a real blessing to get some one in and have the extra money.

EDF lady called me back yesterday, what a really lovely person, sometimes you just know that people love there jobs and give really good customer service, well she was one of them, I did not get her last name but she is going to call me back at the end of the month to do a new meter reading so I will get it then and write to her company to sing her praises.  Well my gas went down from £35 per fortnight to £20 and the electricity is £27, now providing I pay that then all warrants on my property will cease, this is going to be a real struggle as I currently only received £130.90 per fortnight and I still have my water, Mobile, TV, Landline, Broadband and car insurance to pay.  My mobile is now set to receive calls only so I will not get any more monthly charges for the next 10 weeks whilst I pay that off, TV/Broadband/Landline are all tied in and I have the cheapest option on those and my car insurance is £34 a month but I cannot reduce that but I am really hopeful I can get the doctor to agree that I can start to work part time in the next few weeks, again fingers crossed everyone.

Today I lit a candle for my precious mummy HERE, select search at the top and put in Shell and then select the United Kingdom one and you will see my candle and words,

I cant tell you what a relieve it is to be able to open curtains now that I know the EDF situation is sorted as I was hiding in my house before and not answering the door as too scared.  I am also feeling much less teary today but that could be that I have no more tears to cry and I have got a few things off my chest, the only thing bugging me now is that there is a really annoying rose branch rubbing on the patio doors, I might have to go and chop it as its making an awful scraping/screeching noise.
As my blogs have been so depressing lately I am leaving you with a picture of my lovely Angel and her first kitties she had back on 160407,

Shellie B

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