Sunday, 14 November 2010

Walking and Flowers

I am still stuck in my rut of not wanting or be bothered to do anything but have noticed how bad my feet and legs are becoming again, so I dragged my sorry butt out for a walk this morning, was a bit misty and I was very spooked but then that could be because I was listening to a Sookie Stackhouse audio book.
I took some pictures along my walk, I am very lucky and live next door to open fields, who would think you would get that view in Northampton, a bit further along the walk there is a lovely little stream.
I managed to take pictures excluding all the rubbish that has been thrown into it from the bridge.
The rest of my walk after crossing the bridge is then on the road, did not take pictures of that, as when you have seen one road you have seen them all.  I use an app on my Iphone which cost 59p and is called Footsteps, it measures my steps, time, distance, calories burned and average speed, this just makes it a bit more interesting after every walk to see what I have done, I also listen to various audio books on my walk as I do find it very boring walking on my own.

I am still desparately racking my brains on what I can Crochet and sell to make money as I am really struggling being on benefits, I designed this flower on Friday night
I am going to use these to go onto the hat I am going to make.
I have not quite got the blending of colours correct so will need a bit more practise at that.
But they do look very nice in single colour.  My new 6mm crochet hook arrived yesterday so I can get on and make the hat today, its funny how different it feels using a hook that is only 2mm bigger, I may even redo my crochet videos as I think it will be easier to see what I am doing with the bigger hook.

Pot of tea is brewed and need to have some breakfast after my walk this morning
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Shellie B

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