Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cat Shooting, Criminal Damage and Hating Where I Live

For years I have hated where I live, mainly because I feel so isolated as I do not know anyone in Northampton and my sister never bothered to come and visit me, so I turned to drink to block out the loneliness which just escallated things, after hitting rock bottom this year I decided a couple of months ago to make it work where I live and be happy.....................well I think someone else has different plans.

Firstly let me outline the history of my time in Northampton, the first traumatic thing to happen was in October 2008 when my precious Abigail was shot with an air gun, she was lucky as it missed her eye and ear but lodged in her head, we apparently have a well known cat hater living in this street, around the time this happened my beautiful Mystique went missing 4 weeks after having kittens, only 1 kitten survived.
Then various things happened with the house, shower broke, heating broke, police broke down front door, long story but they paid for damage in the end as they admitted fault was theirs, i.e. they should not have broken into my property, but I had a very cold winter as I could not afford to replace it whilst I waiting for it all to get approved, then my beloved Bobby dog died, Angel was badly attacked, Abigail survived a fox attack, back fence fell down and the list goes on and on and on................
So I thought, hey lets sell up, this place is jinxed, lets start again, in April of this year, then in June I am not sure what happened but I became very ill, physically and mentally, could not cope with anything, maybe I had a break down, I am not sure, but those that have read my blogs know that I have not been able to work since then, I did take advantage of not working and completely redecorated the house, inside and out.

Then things started to go my way, sort of, so I took this as a sign that I should stay put, also if I did sell I would not be able to buy so would never get back on the property ladder and I have no idea where I would move to as I have no family etc, then a couple of  things happened this week, damage to my property that I have worked so hard to get, my car has been keyed
and then this morning I looked out to see if there was any snow to see that my gate has somehow flown upside down with the post still intact!, maybe the post was rotten, I dont know but it seemed very sturdy when I used it on Monday!!!!!!
 I am not sure a drill is going to fix that so I have no idea what to do, maybe I will bind it all back together with some sturdy garden string, will go out later and have a look when I can face it.  After a few tears and a coffee, I have shrugged these things off as just he perils of life, nothing I can do about it so no point beating myself up over it.

On a more happy note I have a new additions to my Folksy Shop, Sphen the Happy Penguin, so fingers crossed he will sell well and help me repair my gate lol
 Shellie B


  1. Keep smiling sweetie :) Hard to do at times I know but good things will happen again xxxx

  2. I keep trying, I am doing a headstand at the moment so it looks like I am smiling hehehehehe x

  3. Aww hun it sounds like you've had some bad luck :( But look how well you're doing with your crochet business! You've only been doing it a few weeks and you've already sold lots! Take that as a good sign of things to come!

    What's your situation about moving now? I remember reading in your blog about you having a lodger?xx

  4. I have decided not to move as I wont be able to get back onto the property ladder and also I have no idea where I would go........

    I am advertising the room to rent it out but no luck yet, bit hesitant about doing that as a couple of years ago I had an american girl living here who turned funny and then recogned she cursed the house when she left and thats when bad things starting happening, she was a practising witch in America!!!!!


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