Thursday, 18 November 2010

The story of claiming Benefits

I am so busy but just have to do this blog to get things off my chest and to hopefully stop me from crying, I have never had so much trouble from getting Benefits, oh hold on, I have always worked since I was 16, apart from Jan 2009 when I claimed benefits for just over 1 month due to being made redundant at christmas time and not being able to get a job.

This is all started back in June when the doc decided to change my anti depressants, we are STILL trying to find the right one, its been one hell of a ride and I have had nothing but grief from DWP, late payments, interviews, medicals and now its all going through appeal as they say I am fit to work, well sorry the doctor says I am not so what can I do about that!!!

From 13 weeks they will pay the interest on my mortgage, well I filled out the relevant essay form and personally took it down the building society but guess what.............................yes thats right they have not made one single payment and now my mortgage company are threatening litegation.  I called DWP and surprise surprise nothing on there system, so I now have to wait 3 hrs for a phone call back to find out what is going on, then I have to call my mortgage company to try and see where I go from here.

It really makes me so sick, you read all the stories in the paper about how people are conning thousands out of the system, god knows how they do that.  My neighbour for example lives in a council house, has a million kids and just had another one so she doesnt have to work, her boyfriend does not work either, how do they get away with it, when I am legitimately claiming as I really do need to help, she is getting quite a bit of money too as one of her daughters has learning difficulties (she seems fine to me), the daughter does not even live at that house anymore but with an auntie as they dont have enough room.

This is really knocking all my confidence and I dont even think I will have the courage to go back to work, people who know me, know this is very unlike how I am, as I am a strong little thing (well ok then big) and have always been very confident in my work but I just feel like scum, lowest of the low, who will want to employ a complete loser like me who is signed off for depression all because I rely on tablets.

I dont have any family to turn to or any savings, there is just me and my 3 lovely cats to plow through all this red tape, it really grinds you down, how can they expect you to get better when they add to your stress, please do not get me wrong, I am not a scrounger, I hate being on benefits and being this pathetic but for once in my 42 yrs of life I am just asking for a bit of help so I can have some me time to get better............

Shellie B

Just had a telephone call back from DWP, they received my completed form at the beginning of October and are still making a decision on paying the interest on my mortgage, is this just all a joke or what................I have insisted on yet another telepohne call back today as I need to speak to my mortgage company.


  1. It seems like the people who are genuinely unwell get all the hassell but people who are just "lazy" get benefits too easily. It is very frustrating. What benefits are you getting/applied for? I am on incapacity, which is now called employment and support allowacne for some reason! I have to go to a place called The Shaw Trust who are supposed to help me get better and get me back into work but they don't do bugger all tbh. Just ask me how I am, have I done anything... the whole interview lasts all of 5 minutes. They never seem to ring me back either. You're right, this added stress is not doing your condition any good. They expect you to go to court and fight your cause? Lordy. I'm not really offering much advise here am I! Just wanted to say you've done nothing wrong, the benefit systems seems to be a bit of an arse and hopefulllly it'll work itself out ASAP!!!xx

  2. I love that you comment on my blogs, makes me feel i am not all alone lol.

    I am on ESA too, they are finally paying interest on my mortgage now but not enough to cover what it should be so I am still going to need to find £140 to cover the shortfall, god knows where from, luckily I have a really understanding building society so they have reduced the interest on the mortgage so its covered for November and December x

  3. Hello,

    I too am receiving ESA, I have reactive arthritis and have a lot of trouble walking. I would do anything to go back to work but I flare up when I do too much. I am currently trying to get the mobility part of DLA as I am housebound without a car but they turned me down recently from a decision based on an appointment a year ago with the people who gave me ESA. I have been trying to get them to look at it again and speak to my actual doctors before making a decision!! I feel like I have been treated like a sponger of the system but in fact I just want a car so I can live a relatively normal life and I am the kind of person DLA was put in place for.

    So basically, I understand how frustrating it is, especially when you know of others who do sponge and are successful in their application for less troubles than yourself!!!

    Meany_jar (twitter)

  4. I tried for the "Mental" side of DLA as I was advised to but I knew they would not entertain the idea so I have struggled on with just ESA.

    It makes me feel so guilty for claiming but I am geniunly not well, I know once I go back to work I then have this tribunal to go through to fight why I have been entitled to have the benefits in the first place, talk about wasting money, how much does that cost them to do?


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