Monday, 7 March 2011

March Showers, Visitors and Treats

Well I can actually say that I had the most wonderful weekend in the bestest company ever, even though I was so nervous that I was shaking!!!  I am not very good at meeting new people, even though I have known them for months, I have never met them face to face.

Not only did they travel to come and visit me but they also put in my new shower, well my nearly new shower, and they bought along Tiffany's best friend.  I have been without a shower for about 2 yrs and was quoted £300 to fit a new one, well after the very kind Mr & Mrs Lawrence offered there services to fit it for me I bought one for £82 from Ebay, the same model as my old one as I thought that would make the fitting easier:

So the first picture show my old yellowing shower, then we have team DIY SOS busy fitting new shower and then final picture is the new sparkly shower, which I tested this morning and it was bliss, so much less hassle than having to get up and have a bath in the mornings, what a clever hubby and wifey they are!!!

After the exhaustion of taking pictures of them working, I was then treated to a pub lunch, to a place I had never heard of before, Chapel Brampton, which was only about 5 mins from my house!  It is set right out in the country and next to a little old Railway station, so Mr & Mrs Lawrence were very happy indeed.  Apart from the little power cut inside the pub, which we did have to check if Mr Lawrence was trying his DIY skills again, we shared a starter, which I cant remember the name but it had selection of cold meats, olives, bread, fishes with heads on and lots of other lovely bits, then I was very naughty and had a Steak with Diane Sauce, I also had a little cheeky glass of Rose.  The puddings looked so scrummy but I was too full to even try one. 
Somehow I did leave with some of those horrible fishy things, bit of a sausage and some steak in my handbag, as you do!!!!!  We then all waddled down to the Steam and Diesel Tourist Railway next to the pub, which was unfortunately closed but we still had a nosey around and we had to hold Mrs Lawrence back as she was keen to investigate further.  This is the link to the railway, it would make such a lovely day out and over Easter all kids get a free cream egg on the train!!!!

I was not the only one who got to meet very special friends but my lovely cat, Tiffany, also got to meet her best friend on Twitter, Brian the Llama.  They seemed to be quite well behaved when we were about but I did notice that Brian had a little adventure round the house to see where Tiffany lives and what she gets up to, here is a lovely picture of them together:
I spent most of Sunday still not being able to move as I had eaten so well the day before, even Tiffany was tired out and slept on me most of the day, what an absolutely lovely weekend we had and how lucky we are to know such wonderful people!!!

Shellie B

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