Monday, 14 March 2011

One month on.........

Can you believe it was a month today that I started my new job????  So much has been crammed into such a small space of time and I have come such a long way, am still having really negative days but not due to doubting myself, just the mood of those around me rubbing off on me and the frustration of seeing lack of respect by my fellow work colleague.

Who would have thought a month ago I would have been to Galway all on my own, learnt a completely new online e-learning progrmame, including the setup, administration and reconfiguring of courses, taken on over nearly 30 accounts, taken in 2 different lodgers, new shower fitted, met two virtual friends in the flesh (not naked I hasten to add), got a new dressing table, won my compensation case against Milton Keynes Council, not had ONE sick day in the whole month and made 10 lovely Easter Baskets from my crochet hobby.  I think I have crammed in more in that month than I have in the last 7 months of my life!!!!

So this is the bit about the bad stuff going on, personally I dont have anything really bad happening apart from not being happy with my weight and still have quite a few outstanding bills to sort, but neither of these are critical, the only thing causing me stress and making me struggle at work is the other Account Manager, who is as much use as a fart in a colander!!!!

Mr Numpty has been there since August 2010 and still classes himself as new to the business, he has done 1 meeting on his own and that was last week, I sat in on a training session and he could not answer any of the questions, embarassing/cringeworthy are understatements, when the management are tied up or out of the office he plays computer games, when I ask for help, I have to ask on numerous occasions. I had to set up a new account today, first time, it took an hour and lots of requests from me until he sat and helped, even Kirsty said he was doing everything to avoid helping me, which was quite plain when he did come to help as he couldnt answer my questions and tbh by the time he did sit with me I had set the account up anyway using common sense.

I am really biting my tongue as I do not want to appear the shit stirrer who wants to get others in trouble to better my chances in the company, everything I do is on my own merit, I am very passionate about my work but when you have someone dissing you because you have arrived at the office early and start working, it makes me wary that I will not fit in as I like to work, when you have someone who passes work to you because they cant do it and you get no thanks, I smile and rant on twitter, when they turn round and say "the company has no structure", I just ignore the comment because I know once I start I wont stop.

We are supposed to work together but I just think the guy is taking the "piss", he has not done a full days work since I have been there, his knowledge is very lacking, he has no passion, he moans all the time that I have less accounts than him, he starts poking fun at me when I do my crochet in my lunch hour.  All these things makes me very conscious of what I do in the office, when he is playing computer games I feel I cannot pick up the phone to my new accounts and introduce myself.

It is not as though he does not have anything to do, he is supposed to be writing a manual for the user and admin side of the system, I have seen the draft and am too embarrassed to tell everything how unprofessional and amatuer it looks as I worry what will be thought of me.  Today the director left the office just after 12 as they have a show the next two days and he is setting up the stand, as soon as he left the office, Mr Numpty pipes up "thats 2.5 days of doing nothing, bliss!", I did say "havent you got anything to do, dont you get bored not doing anything?", he just laughed and said no. 

This company that he moans about all the time have paid for 2 driving tests which he has now passed and now he has his driving license he keeps on saying that he can find another job now, also he did a training session in Fareham 2 weeks ago, as he didnt drive then he got a train at 12pm the day before and stayed overnight in a hotel, the training started at 10am the next day, when he got back to the office he boasted how he had spend £160 for those 2 days, they really have got to see what he is like, I dont know how he has got away with it for so long.

I hope this does not make me sound like I am winging or trying to pick fault but the guy is just so lazy and it makes me so frustrated that I get really demoralised and struggle to do my own work.  Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare as it will only be me, Kirsty and him, I am not sure how much longer I can hold my tongue............

Shellie B

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