Sunday, 20 February 2011

Highs & Lows of Week 1

Well I survived week 1 at work, only just, it was a very hectic first week which included a trip to the Ireland office, see my blog about it with photos. I thought my head was going to explode as so much information was fired at me and its not used to being so active, am hoping this week is easier but I have invested in some Red Bull just in case.

The excitement of surviving my first week was soon dampened when I got home as my lodger had moved out whilst I was at work, was absolutely fuming as he had promised he would give me a months notice etc after the way Laura left and I had also told him about the other bloke who left when I was at work, anyway I contacted one of the other guys who was interested in the room before and they were still looking and will be moving in next week, disaster averted as I need the rent money to finance my first month at work.

Was going to make some Easter baskets this weekend as I cant seem to sit still when watching TV as I feel I should be doing something, but as I did not make a note of the measurements I used I need to wait to get a photo from Sophie before I cant start any of them, which is very frustrating as i could have got quite a few done.

I also emailed my Cruse lady last week but as usual she has not contacted me, I am really fed up with that too as this is the time that I need to have a session with her to talk about work etc and how I am feeling, she is such a lovely lady but I just feel so let down by her all the time.

Have done my ironing ready for my next week at work and now I am going to do my nails, went to the chippy but it was closed so nipped to the garage instead and have a tuna sarnie, monster munchies and a double decker, not a healthy sunday dinner but better than nothing.

Am so tired but going to try and stay up until 9pm, I have been a bit naughty and been using my co-codomal as a sleeping aid, this is probably also why I was not feeling very with it last week but I was worried I would not sleep and probably took more than I should each night, anyway this week I am not going to take any, have hidden them away in the cupboard, I have also made a pact with Tarquaydrawers that we will go to work every day, we still have the forefeights to decide upon but hopefully we can help each other go to work and be positive.

Shellie B

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  1. It's good to know you've managed to turn the lodger thing around, keep calm and carry on! ;-) love ya x


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