Friday, 11 February 2011

Medically Fit at Last

So I have been to the doctors this morning, bit disappointed as I could not see my regular doctor who has supported me through the last 8 months of hell, as I wanted to share with her my great news about the job I was offered last week.

Anyway, locum doctor has signed me back to work, was not really interested in what I had to say, just kept on about how I have come there with great news etc etc, well after some chatting she agreed to increase the dosage of my meds as I feel my mood is not where it has been or should be, just wish they had done this a couple of weeks ago when I asked.

I have had a busy week sorting through various things around the house I can sell, I have sent off 3 mobiles for recycling for cash and sold over 80 dvd's, this is all raising approx £150, which sounds great as I really need the money for fuel etc until I get paid from my new job, but Paypal have put a real dampner on it all as they are holding EVERY single payment.  I emailed them right away and got this response:

• Your total Feedback score is 100 or greater-  (currently you only have
63 feedback score)
• Your average DSR is 4.5 or greater- (currently you have No DSR)

Unfortunately my feedback from Folksy is not taken into consideration on this decision and also I have no idea what DSR means?  I have emailed them back explaining so far I have incurred over £30 in shipping fees and asked them to release some of the funds, not holding out much hope.

On a plus side my bargain Black Suit Jacket I bought from Ebay for just over £4 arrived and is absolutely lovely, great quality, dusky pink lining, looks very expensive and fits perfectly, I also received my order from JD Williams, as when I sorted through my wardrobe I discovered that nothing fits me anymore, so now I have enough work clothes to see me through until payday, hopefully with the return to work I will start to lose some weight as I will be more active and my existing clothes will fit again.

Even though I am excited to be starting work, as I will have a purpose and some structure back into my life, I am a bit apprehensive as I am having to go to their Ireland office in Galway for some training, the guy I am taking over from is based over there.  This means I will have to fly all on my own, normally things like this would not bother me but after being shut away in my house for 8 months it will be a real shock to the system, at least I will see Slinky Lynne before I fly out as she is kindly letting me leave my car at her house and will take me to the airport Monday evening and pick me up Wednesday evening.  The hotel I have been booked into looks very posh, hopefully they will have wifi so that I can keep in touch with everyone.

Back is killing so going to take some Co-Codomal and be spaced out for most of the day *starts floating on fluffy cloud..............*

Shellie B

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  1. Good News Shellie. It is a pity about the locum doc but at least you have the magic piece of paper to say you are fit for work.


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