Sunday, 13 February 2011

Chocs away!!!!!

My last week at home has been quite busy, sold over 50 dvd's via Ebay, so I have been busy printing order slips, labels and packaging up orders, I kept on going to different post offices as I didnt want them getting fed up of me and all my parcels.  I only have 2 orders not paid for, have emailed them today as a reminder and I still have about 20 packages to send.  Unfortuantely paypal decided they were going to put a hold on ALL my daily sales so my money is just sitting in limbo until I either get feedback or 21 days has passed.  So yesterday I spent most of the morning emailing each buyer asking for them to leave feedback once the item has been delivered to hopefully speed up payment being released.

Today has been final preperations ready for tomorrow, after having a dilemma about my case being to big to be classed as "Carry on" baggage I emailed my boss and he has kindly offered to lend me a "Carry on" bag to use, otherwise it will cost £20 to take my case.  It is very difficult to know what to take with me to Ireland, am only there from Monday night until Wednesday evening, I have packed 3 tops, just incase they want to take me out to dinner whilst I am out there, I have also snuck in my swimming costume as I might try and go swimming at some point. I will do a bit of ironing this evening whilst watching TV and have dug out my trusty sandwich box, I also have my "pill box" which is my best buy ever.
I originally got my weekly "pill box" as I have to take my meds twice a day and I can never remember if I have taken the evening one, now I fill it up with a Multi Vitamin, Cranberry tablet, Primrose Oil tablet and Ginseng tablets, I am sure that I now rattle but hopefully these little boosts will help me have some energy etc now I am back at work.  I have also dug out a different handbag to use, more pockets, easier to carry etc.  I have my passport for ID and my printed out Itinerary, I am only taking one pair of flat pump type shoes, less to carry and will also be more comfy if I am walking or standing around a bit and of course I have my toiletries.

A couple of extra things I am taking with me are some lovely "good luck" gifts I received through the post, my first one is from the wonderful Cupcakejojo and is a Guardian Angel, I had one of these pinned onto a bag for years but unfortunately I lost her a couple of years ago, now I have a new one and she will be guiding me though my next journey.  My next gift was from the delightful Sophieissmall and it is a really cute cupcake "cross stitch" which I shall take with me to keep me focussed in my hotel room in the evenings.  I also received a beautiful "Heart" scissor keeper from the very generous Talkingbeads, this was a thank you for all the crochet help I had given Jean.
Finally I got a tweet from the very talented cupcakecastles who is sending me one of her heavenly "Cupcake Clocks" as congratulations to me.  I am so shocked over the wonderful generosity from the world of "Twitter", I only really started using this when I was signed off and found myself at home all the time, now I have a wonderful group of loyal friends on there, you all know who you are!!!  They always offer me such words of support and comfort, I have never had a negative response to any of my tweets, without them I would never have started my crochet, opened a Folksy shop or even started blogging.  All these things and these wonderful people have helped me get to where I am today and of course, it would not be fair if I did not mention my poor long suffering friend "SlinkyLynne", who has put up with me for years, never turned her back on me, no matter how bad things have got and someone I know I can trust and turn to for sound advise and support.

So I am all packed and ready for my next adventure, I hope you are ready too as you are all coming with me........

Shellie B


  1. Yay Shellie! Tomorrow is nearly here! So excited for you as you embark on something so new, exciting & positive. I'll be looking forward to your updates & coming on the journey lovely x x.

    Safe journey tomorrow on your new adventure! Will be thinking of you :)

    Love & hugs,

    Jo x x x

  2. Nearly there Shellie. Good luck m'dear and knock 'em dead. You will be great. What an adventure you are having.
    As Jo says, don't forget us back here waiting for updates.
    Jean x x x

  3. I am so proud of you Shellie, you have come such a long way these past few months! I will be thinking of you tomorrow, I hope you have a safe flight and makes lots of new friends! Let me know if you start the cross stitch, I bought one for myself too :)! Keep us updated with how you're getting on.
    Lots of love xxx


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