Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Short Back and One Side...............

After months of not being able to afford to have my hair cut, I booked in to a salon I have never been to before, Regis, prices looked reasonable and Salon looked very nice, clean and professional, not some side treat blue rinse jobby if you know what I mean.

I arrived a bit early as I wanted to have a look through some mags first as I had no idea what I wanted to have done but I just knew I wanted something drastic as I was feeling drab, old and frumpy.  My stylist was Libby and she was sooooo helpful, did not seem huffy that I didnt have a clue what I wanted done and was so eager to help me decide.  They also had some foam thing they put on the edge of the sink when washing hair, because I have had my head surgery at the base of my skull, I always find these really painful, but I could rest my head completely on the sink whilst it was being washed, did not get a head massage though when conditioner was put on but then we cant have everything.

Libby cut my hair in stages as it was quite long and she didnt want to cut it all off and I then decide it was too short, she talked me through what she was going to do before she did anything to make sure I was happy, I cant recall ever having that kind of customer service before in a Salon.

Soon there was a new me starting to emerge and I was liking what I was seeing in the mirror, Libby dried my hair exactly how I would have done it myself and took her time over it, I could really tell how much she loves what she does.  After 5 years of living in Northampton I have finally found a hairdresser that I am really happy with and will deffo be returning, I might even treat myself to a few dashes of colour next time.

I have posted some pics below so you can decide what you think of the end result or if you maybe prefer the longer style I had before:

Below are pics of side views as one is longer than the other but you cant really see if from the picture above:

Am so over the moon with my new hairstyle, my hair is shinier, more full of life and I feel like a new person.  I walked around town afterwards with my head held high and did not worry about the occasional few looks I got from people, am ready to face the outside world again!!!!

Shellie B


  1. Wow that's transformed you! And so you should walk with your head held high, it looks fabulous!

    Jo x x

  2. I agree, its lovely!! :) x

  3. You really look wonderful. I think you've inspired me to get my hair done at last.

    I haven't cut it since last summer!

  4. Fabulous hair do, Libby has done a lovely cut for you. You look great.

  5. Oh my goodness shellie you look STUNNING!!! That hair style really suits you, it makes your hair look more voluminous and really frames your face well!! oh I love it, very glam! So happy to hear you have a spring in your step :) xxxxx

  6. Wow, you are very beautiful! Your hair is gorgeous! Good choice!



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