Saturday, 26 February 2011

Week 2 and Treats

I have now done two weeks at my new job, is it all making sense, um no!!!!  Barry left on Friday, that is whose accounts I am taking over and my boss is away all next week, so I feel its going to be a real challenge and stressful week.  Everyone is saying that I am doing really well and that I have picked up on things very quickly, it sure doesnt feel like it though.

I am hoping the weather is better next week as I would like to have a wander around Bletchley Park in my lunch hour, there is so much to see there, various museums, harrier jet, wartime huts, lake and lots more.

I had bit of a shopping spree on Ebay, things that I needed and things that were not necessarily needed but made me feel better.  As my new job involved meeting clients, holding training sessions I thought it best to get an organiser, found a nice one on Ebay but was a bit disappointed when it arrived as it is supposed to be "personal" size but its actually "pocket", I also got a new phone case as mine is broken:

I also bought a small dressing table, its just the right size for my room and apart from a couple of scratches it is in great condition and a real bargain at £12.50, I also got a new shower, same model as what is in there at the moment, to try and make fitting it easier and I also loved my old shower, cant wait for that to come and be put in,

Today I spent half the day down the garage as the EGR valve was not working which meant I could not always accelerate, unfortunately it still has a fault but as it is wiring it will need an electrical mechanic type person to look at it, I will ring round MK garages on Monday to see if I can get it booked in somewhere, fingers crossed it accelerates ok and doesnt chuck out too much smoke until I can sort out getting it done.

I am not looking forward to Monday, I have court at 10.30am, hopefully the conclusion to my compensate case for an injury I incurred 3.5 yrs ago, it certainly has dragged on and I am not hopeful we will be successful as my key witness is refusing to attend court, she was the only reason they continued with the case, so I am not very happy.  Why do people come forward to help but then when they are called upon they let you down???  Answers on a postcard please to"I am such a mug!"

My back is not coping very well with sitting down at a desk all day but I am hoping with time it will ease.  I have a new lodger moving in tomorrow as my last one left when I was at work, no warning, nothing, just a note and the key through the door *sighs*

Shellie B

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